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Legalizing Marijuana in Louisiana

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States like Colorado have used taxation on legal marijuana to fund schools, mental health programs, roadways erc. Marijuana should be legal and taxed in all states. There is no logic behind criminalizing marijuana while alcohol is easily accessible and opiods prescribed without regard. Legal age should be 18, as should drinking age in LA. Restricting driving is probably a necessity but difficult due to no tools like a breathalyzer leaving to officer judgment.
PLEASE NOTE..."Let people do what they want" is not my choice, but there was not a box to check "Other" and the form would not let me submit without choosing a box. Please see my explanation for "Other" below.

I don't think a sin tax for marijuana is necessary, which is what Forum 35's statement "tax purchase similar to cigarettes" infers.

Sin taxes are typically utilized to go into a fund that helps to pay for the health, environmental, social, and economic damages that can occur from these harmful--but legal--acts. Marijuana, from the literature I have extensively studied for many years, does not have the significant ramifications as alcohol and tobacco products, on person or community.

Because of this, marijuana should not be regulated in similar ways as other "sins." Instead, marijuana should be utilized a highly impactful economic mechanism in our State to:
one, become a catalyst for more jobs in the agricultural (hello...LSU Ag...), small business, and health sectors;
two, utilize a proven revenue-generating enterprise to add a significant influx of revenue into our local and State government/infrastructure through standardized business taxation, alleviating the massive budget shortfalls our government is experiencing;
three, reduce the significant costs that Louisiana incurs every year by prosecuting non-violent offenders for possession, clogging up our penitentiary systems and creating the WORLD's "prison capital of the world," improsining close to 816/100,000 Louisiana citizens;
and four, improve the health outcomes of Louisiana's citizens for a variety of disability and health concerns alleviated--or at least drastically improved--by medicinal marijuana use, ultimately leading to lowered economic and societal burdens on our local and State infrastructures, saving us time and money, improving our health ratings (we are 47th in the country for mental health, 50th for health in general).

All of these benefits of legalizing marijuana in our state will allow our community--local and statewide--to become more competitive nationally, allowing us to be more attractive to incoming businesses, social change innovators, and top talent.
Louisiana cigarette tax is currently $1.08, I believe marijuana tax should be substantially larger than that.
I love surveys.
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